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NEW! Print Game - Special format for taking with you offline. How do you like it Eric?
NEW! RSS Feed - New games every day with links to play or print. RSS only deals with Sudoku. The library of games and all tools are free and no membership is required. There are many tools to help you play Sudoku in our third beta including:

  • Undo - let you take back as many as 100 moves in case you make a mistake.
  • Save Game - save a game and have it available next time you visit the site.
  • Restart Game - restart the game from point where you started.
  • Email to a Friend - send a game in progress and a link to that game to a friend.
  • New Game - library of Simple, Easy and Tough games.
  • Enter Game - start with a blank board and play a game from a newspaper or other source.
  • Paste in Game String - advanced feature where you can start a new game if someone provides you with a game in Sudoku Exchange Format.
  • Link to Game - lets you bookmark or link to a game in progress.

Other tools help you solve a Sudoku

  • Mark Square - show numbers indicating possible solutions to a square. Also works with double clicking on a square.
  • Mark All Squares - marks squares for all non-starting squares.
  • Clear Marks - removes all marks, can be undone.
  • Validate - highlights which squares are not yet solved or lets you know you won.
  • Remaining - shows all squares that still need solution.
  • Number Counter - shows count of how often number is used on the board.
  • Highlight Number - click on number in counter bar and it highlights all occurrences of numbers on board.
  • Show Possible Numbers - shows all possible squares with a given number as a solution. Activate by double clicking on number in counter bar.
  • Simple Solver - will show solution using simplest techniques. Any games in library labeled "Simple" can be completely solved with this solver.

We are working on more tools. Suggestions and comments are welcomed at

I'll write more about the Sudoku Exchange Format soon. This is used in the Email to a Friend and other tools.